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Ashram Christian Community in the UK

Charity No: 1099164 Company No: 477991

The Ashram Community is spread around Britain.
We are a small group of people who have joined together committing to the radical Jesus today.

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Ashram Community Trust Annual Report 2020-2021: page 1-2, page 3, page 4
NB The Ashram Centre: New Roots Shop listed in this report has now been sold.
Ashram Community Trust Annual Report 2021-2022

Trust Office: 31 Budebury Road, Staines, TW18 2AZ
Ashram Community Office: 7 College Court, Sheffield S4 7FN email:
Leader: Rev. Dr. John Vincent. Contact Community Office.
Ashram Press: 7 College Court, Sheffield S4 7FN email:
Newsletter: Jenny Medhurst email:

Community Events 2022

Community Zoom Meeting (fortnightly)
Tuesday evening 6.30pm-8.00pm
Contact Pippa Thompson 07918 757068 for link

Monthly on Saturday afternoons - alternately Zoom / in person
2023 Dates
August 19 - Zoom
September 16 - in person
October 21 - Zoom
November 18 - in person
December 16 - Zoom

Manchester / North West:
Josie Smith email:

July Day
Saturday 9th July - venue tbc

October Weekend 
14-16th October, Foxhills